Picking a Broker

Ok so you have decided to sell your home and now you need a broker. Picking a broker could be a daunting task. Do you go with a seasoned, experienced broker or one that’s a bit younger and might be more aggressive? I have had success using both. If the home is in a neiegbord that sells itself then for sure a seasoned veteran would be the key. But if in fact the home is located outside the most desirable of areas and you need to seek out buyers. So you may want the help of a young aggressive broker that will stop at nothing to secure the buyer.

Dominick DeVito, DFT Management, LLC


Home Amenities

When dealing in the luxury home market think amenities. There are minimum requirements that buyers will look for. Appliances are the first thing that will make or break your deal. A first class appliance package goes along way. If you have an awkward space in a hallway or a closet, you may want to see if you can utilize that space by installing a wine cellar on the first floor. Make the pool area as inviting as possible maybe even add a summer kitchen. Ask yourself, “What does my home offer that the competition dose not?”

Dominick Devito, DFT Management, LLC

Buyers Want Turn-Key Homes

In the current real estate market of luxury homes buyers do not need to purchase homes in need of substantial renovations. The 5 million dollar buyer can well afford to spend 6 million dollars on a home that has been completely renovated. Homes that are 20 years of age and in desperate need of a remodel sometimes require an excess of 500k to 750k worth of renovations. If you are a home owner who’s home needs a facelift, by not doing the renovation, you can expect to reduce your home by almost double the renovation cost to attract a buyer. Thus loosing almost a million dollars. It would be in your best interest to seek the advice of a qualified building professional before reducing your home to those levels.

Dominick Devito, DFT Management, LLC

Design to Sell

People always ask me what renovations they can do to have the maximum impact before marketing their home for sale. I always respond by saying, “use a commonsense approach.” First impressions are everything. Look at the landscaping, painting the driveway and think about what potential buyers would see when pulling up to your home.

On the inside of the home kitchens and bathrooms, fresh paint as well as hardwood floors and carpeting etc. must look new. When dealing in the luxury market buyers look for fresh clean new homes. Looking at a tired old rug or worn out hardwood floors the buyers tend to believe that the home has not been cared for or maintained properly.

Dominick DeVito, DFT Management, LLC

We build the dream!

DFT, LLC, is a premier full service real estate development firm located in Greenwich, CT with satellite offices in New York and Florida.

DFT is a culmination of over 20 years of construction experience. DFT was founded in 1984 by Mr. Dominick DeVito. DFT specializes in and multi-use hi rise construction and home renovations. Bringing a building vertical, in a timely fashion and maintaining budget projections is always DFT’s main focus.

In 1998 we introduced DFT’s residential division which constructs 10,000 to 15,000 square foot high end luxury homes throughout the eastern corridor. With DFT’s commercial construction back ground, the structural integrity of our residential homes is unparalleled. Using state of the art materials, DFT can produce one of the finest homes available today.

Our reputation for quality construction has allowed DFT homes to pre sell for over a decade. Over the past few years DFT has completely diversified our portfolio in all aspects of real estate development. Our portfolio is inclusive of class A office space in prime retail locations.

Our newest addition, DFT Investment Partners forms partnerships in all phases of real estate development, from equity investing to innovative financing solution.